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6 Reasons Families Should Book a Vacation Rental

Friday 27th of May 2022

When traveling with kids, you have to consider the location, space, and, most importantly, your budget. Unfortunately, hotels are only an option if you have a significant budget and can book several hotel rooms or suites. 

It’s one of the reasons people have become more inclined to stay in vacation rentals in Ibiza.

If you’re thinking:

  • What are the specific differentiating factors for a hotel vs. vacation rental?
  • What are the things to know about summer rentals?
  • Do family-friendly vacation rentals really exist?

This blog answers all your questions. 

Why Book Summer Rentals on Your Next Trip?

Cleanliness, organization, and management are remarkable attributes of long-term and short-term vacation rentals. 

Vacation homes are also a convenient option for families with children and pets. 

If you have never stayed in a vacation rental before, our list of reasons will have you book one right away. 

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1. Saves Money

Vacation rentals are a much more economical option than hotels.

 Hotel rates increase with their 5-, 6-, and 7-star ratings. On the other hand, vacation rentals are situated in local neighborhoods, making them a viable choice. 

2. Offers Amenities

Hotels offer luxuries like housekeepers and meal services. And yet, vacation rentals are generous in amenities. These include:

  • Free WIFI
  • DVD Players
  • Games (indoor and outdoor)
  • Computers

If the vacation rental has an ocean view, you can access extra amenities like kayaking or canoeing with a country club membership. 

Think of the fun times as a family!

3. Provides Extra Space

Money aside, even if you book a hotel suite, it won’t allow you access to the kitchen, living area, and outer space. 

A vacation rental offers it all. 

With enough coverage area, you and your kids can have the freedom to roam around and do fun activities. 

4. Has a Separate Laundry 

No one loves doing laundry on vacations, but the alternative is packing more clothes.  As a family, it would mean more baggage than you can handle. But since vacation rentals sometimes have laundry facilities, you can check with the owner if they will allow you to wash your clothes. 

Ultimately, you will have fewer bags to carry. 

5. Includes a Kitchen

Eating out and enjoying hotel meals is fun and luxury, but what if one of your members has a specific food allergy? The money that goes down the drain is another matter of concern. 

Booking a vacation rental gives you access to a kitchen where you can cook meals as you like. 

Some vacation rental homes have pantries full of necessities, so you can enjoy cooking without rushing to the nearby supermarket. 

6. Gives a Homely Feel

It's hard not to feel at home with facilities like laundry, kitchen, and outer playing space while living in local neighborhoods. So, even if you are away from home, you’ll be in a place that looks and gives a homely feel. 


  • Living in a vacation rental gives privacy, unlike the hubbub of hotels, with waiters and guests roaming around. 
  • Compared to most hotels, where it’s forbidden to bring pets, family-friendly vacation rentals allow you to keep your pets with you. 
  • Vacation rentals offer the chance to live in different local neighborhoods. 
  • Vacation rentals have flexible check-in/check-out times, giving you complete liberty to move at your pace.

What Next?

Now that you know everything about summer rentals in Ibiza, it’s time to book a vacation rental where you can have the time of your life. And summertime is just around the corner, so what’s stopping you? 😊

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