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A few minutes from Ibiza Town you will find this tourist haven Villa Can Goi. This elegant villa is situated in a natural habitat in San Jose, neighbored by a wave of pines with a soothing vibe of nature. The exterior and interior are distinctively comprised of an exquisite view and elegance.

The garden has a pool that perfectly complements this elite villa's exterior look. The swimming pool is fully prepared to cater to the kids as it incorporates a system that shields the surface when it's not used. It is also surrounded by an extraordinarily cozy, relaxing space to calm down. Ravishing sofas and pool beds give a glorifying touch to the garden. The overall view presents a dazzling scene both day and night. 

The exterior holds a lot more than this. The house has its own gym, playground, tennis court, and private disco. The dining area can be reached from the pool area by a few steps down. The floor covers captivating greenery and tile work, combined with an exceptional environment highly influenced by nature. A vast solar panel is attached to keep all organic. The exterior is also delighted with the beauty of the spectacle animal figurine, exulting a safe sensation of calmness, dressed in green attire.

The Can Goi's interior has everything you need to have an excellent stay. The interior reveals a vibrant story of divines, connecting the luminous living area with absolutely mind-blowing roof lights attached to a sliding door towards the garden. Besides this, the attention-grabbing living room is also linked with the kitchen and staircase leading towards the first floor. 

The architecture displays various functions in the living area beautifully. They are accommodated on several levels, balancing their differential expression within an open environment. In addition, the architect selected the floor's material according to the degree and purpose of the flooring.

The kitchen joins the daytime area in a concise yet terrific space. In contrast, the luminous dining area emphasizes the beauty of its construction, with its high-pitched roof. The kitchen is breathtaking, with perfect cabinets and an oven which shows how precisely everything is combined.

The villa has six main super charming suites, each fully equipped with an elegantly constructed bathroom and dressing room. Moreover, a junior suite also stands in this line with a simply alluring bathroom. Suite one is excessively amazing and has windows that let the day's goodness enter the suite. The bathroom of this suite has a big rectangular mirror beside a mirror door for the shower area. 

Suite two unites the bed space with a terrace and window. The deck has a two-sided glass door which shows a beautiful scenario. This large-scale glazing and the sliding element glorify the indoor and outdoor spaces. This suite also merges a place for a compact table and chairs. The third suite has a different atmosphere as the bed area is fused with a comprehensive wardrobe and window.

Suite four is a bright sunny suite with various beautiful windows and a balcony. These windows speak for themselves with a graceful view of the gardens and pool. Space for a sofa also collaborates in this suite. Suite Five is a perfect place for a not-so-morning person and is a cozy spacious room.

Suite six amalgamates a space for a bed with an attached bathroom. In addition, to the delicate seven rooms within the villa, we can also find an independent apartment linked with two servant quarters, a bathroom, a living room, and an incredible kitchen. All these bedrooms are embedded into a fantastic structure and carried by soothing colors.

Overall, this villa is an absolute delight for visitors and tourists to relax and have a luxurious stay. The design process insinuates the intricacy it was built, and the placement of the villa in the natural setting reflects the architect's thought process. 

Other Perks.

  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Playground
  • Private disco
  • Dining area
  • 6 suites
  • 1 Guest house
  • 1 apartment with 2 servant quarters
  • Balconies
  • Gym

Bedroom: 8

Bathroom: 8


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  • Starting from €18,000/week
  • *Varies according to months.

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